Mr. Jones has over thirty years of experience inspecting engineering and construction projects. He has extensive experience with, and the ability to read, understand and apply Contract Documents, Approved Design Drawings, Specifications and applicable Codes & Standards. He has extensive experience with material verification, all phases of shop fabrication and welding, field installation / erection of piping, vessels, heat exchangers, structural steel fabrication, bridges and water tanks. He has experience with carbon and stainless steels, copper nickel, dissimilar and exotic metals such as titanium, zirconium, hasteloy and tantalum. He performed close and very close dimensional verification of pressure vessels, piping and tanks to petroleum, water works, chemical, military and aerospace standards. He performed and monitored all phases of pressure and vacuum tests, hydrostatic, CO2, helium leak and purge tests. Mr. Jones acquired Level II certification in dye penetrant, magnetic particle and radiography.

Mr. Jones has inspected installation of welded steel water mains, laterals and valves. Installation of PVC and HDPE piping systems, valves, laterals and all phases and types of connections, bolting and restraint systems. Installation of customer feed piping both copper and HDPE, all connection systems and hardware, Corporation Valves, Angle Meter Stops, water metering devices, water meter boxes, handholes and vaults. Installation of RCP storm drain and sewer piping systems, manholes and drain inlets / outlets.

Mr. Jones was the Chief Inspector on Earl Schmidt Water Filtration Plant Expansion from 25 MGD to 56 MGD and the Earl Schmidt Pump Station. He was responsible for inspection of all Civil, structural, carpentry, and concrete, coatings, piping, mechanical, welding, electrical, landscaping and paving.

Mr. Jones was Welding Quality Assurance Manager / Certified Welding Inspector on multiple projects for the LA County Dept. of Public Works. Duties include review of all Welding Quality Control Plans / procedures, review of contract Plans and Specifications, review of material submittals, review of Quality Control qualifications, review of Contractor’s and Sub Contractor’s shop drawings. Monitor and review all NDT required. Inspection of all work in progress and monitoring performance of Contractor provided Quality Control Inspectors.

Mr. Jones has inspected welded steel water storage tank fabrication, erection, welding, nondestructive testing required, vacuum testing, interior and exterior coating systems applications. Perform review and verification of PQR’s, WPS’s, Welder Qualifications per AWWA D.100 96 SEC 14, AWS D1.1, ’00. Monitor all phases of field fabrication, erection, fit up and weldment of circumferential and vertical full pen weldments. Map welds, welder I.D., X-Ray map, as-built map, traceability and documentation package. Following completion of erection and welding, monitor sandblast of exposed metal to Nace No. 2/ SSPC-SP10 near white std. and Nace No. 4/SSPC-SP7 std. for shop coated metals. Monitor daily atmospheric readings and surface temps for coating and paint applications. Monitor all phases of mixing and application of coatings and paint systems per Calleguas Spec. 420 and manufacturers specifications. Monitor holiday testing with Tinker Raser low voltage sponge holiday detector. Monitored and performed thickness readings on coatings and paint using magnetic pull off DFT gauge with calibrations shims.