Mr. Craig's most recent projects as a Resident Engineer include the Bradbury Dam Radial Gates Maintenance and Modification (BDRGMMP), the Lauro Reservoir Debris Basin Expansion Project and the Lauro Reservoir Maintenance Roadway Improvement projects for the Cachuma Operation and Maintenance Board (COMB). The BDRGMMP was an 8-month $2.6 million project that was completed in June of 2004 and rehabilitated the radial gates used to operate the facility during high lake level conditions. The Lauro Reservoir Debris Basin Expansion was a 12-month project completed in April 2009. The Lauro Reservoir Maintenance Roadway project is partially completed. Mr. Craig was also involved in several other projects for COMB including coatings application inspections on the Tecolote Intake access bridge and service platform as well at the Glen Annie and Lauro Dam outlet works. Currently, Mr. Craig is involved in the performance of phased visual examinations of the South Coast Conduit.

In recent years, Mr. Craig has also worked on the Long Valley Reservoir and 430 Zone Pipeline Project and several water main replacement projects for the City of Ventura, one of which involved sewer main replacement as well. He worked on the Skofield Reservoir Tank Replacement Project for the City of Santa Barbara, installation and coating inspections on several AWWA D-100 water storage tank projects ranging from 800KG to 2MG capacity; two for Ventura County Waterworks and one for the City of Oxnard. In addition, Mr. Craig has also performed inspections on steel framing erection, welding and high strength bolting inspections for the Environmental Sciences and Management Building at UCSB.

Before coming to Flowers & Associates in 2003, Mr. Craig was one of two principals at K C Inspection, Inc., a Quality Assurance Consultant who provided vendor surveillance and third party inspection services to engineering firms in the Water Treatment, Gas & Oil and Power Generation industries, including Flowers & Associates, as well as several local municipalities. Typical projects involved specification development and/or constructability reviews; dimensional, visual, and/or welding inspection services; and external coating and/or internal lining inspections on structural steel or dynamically-loaded structures, including water and hazardous material storage tanks.

In 2002, Mr. Craig was a Certified Welding Inspector on L.A. Department of Water & Power's Valley Generating Station Repowering Project performing visual welding inspection on process power and boiler piping throughout the facility, as well as overseeing welder qualification testing and NDE coordination for the construction of a 520MW combined-cycle power plant.

As the corporation's Level III, Mr. Craig was responsible for the training, supervision and safe work practices of as many as twenty-five inspectors to ensure that industry-standard and company-specific procedures and practices, as well as State-mandated regulations were properly implemented.