Experience with a Detailed Approach to Project Monitoring and Documentation

All projects are approached from the same perspective: "Minimize construction problems through communication while striving to anticipate problems so that they can be addressed at an early non-critical stage." By staffing our team with people having substantial construction experience, we are able to operate as facilitators to the construction process by working closely with the owner and contractor to achieve the desired goal. Experience with a detailed approach to project monitoring and documentation often allows us to anticipate construction problems and work toward solutions before they become time or cost critical.

Flowers & Associates, Inc. offers its clients a complete range of services to assist the owner in bringing a project to fruition:

  • Constructibility Review - performed by a group of professionals in the construction process resulting in specific suggestions to refine the contract documents.
  • Bid Phase Services - coordinate and document pre-bid conference, bidder inquiries and issuing addenda.
  • Construction Phase Services - cost and schedule control, monitoring and documentation.

These procedures have been developed as a result of many years of providing construction services.  We have a record of delivering quality, cost-effective services with a minimum of effort made by the client.

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