Flowers & Associates, Inc. has been involved in pavement reconstruction and maintenance projects for over 20 years. Our specialty areas of expertise are street design, street maintenance, water system design, and public works construction services. We have had the opportunity to work with a number of agencies including the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Carpinteria, Camarillo, Pismo Beach, Thousand Oaks, and San Buenaventura, as well as the County of Santa Barbara and County of Ventura.

Our project managers all have design, street assessment, field and construction experience and have a complete understanding of the entire process of street deterioration and maintenance methods. These methods include reconstruction, pulverization, overlay, point repairs, road slurry seal (Type 1, 2 and 3), Rejuvenating Cape Seal (RCS) and hybrid combinations of these different treatments. Each project manager is versed in street pavement evaluation as well as the ability to assess overall strategies for a community’s entire street system. With our field experience we have the ability to perform detailed field evaluation of street condition, categorize streets based on required repair and develop short and long-term maintenance strategies. In doing the above, we have developed strategies that reduce the overall cost of street repair and maintenance, while still providing lasting improvements for clients.

Significant projects include:

  • Carrillo Street Sidewalk
  • Salsipuedes Street Overlay & Reconstruction
  • The Harbor Parking Lot
  • Lower State Street
  • Downtown Area Streets Project
  • Rancho Arroyo Improvements Project
  • Outer State Street Phase II and Phase III
  • Various Intersections Signalization
  • Lower East Side Street Improvements
  • Niños/Cabrillo Intersection Reconstruction
  • Coast Village Circle Improvements
  • Las Positas Street Sidewalk Improvements

Approach & Assessment

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to see what specifically works and what methods do not. We have developed a cost-effective approach to overall street maintenance based on this experience by providing an example cost analysis illustrating how our approach stretches an agency’s street maintenance dollars. Our services include evaluation of available record data, visual evaluation of all of the agency’s streets, categorization of each street's maintenance requirements, preliminary assessment of cost by street, long range projects planning, development of long and short-term budgeting requirements, prioritization of improvement work, pavement marking for repair, design with contract documents and construction services.

Street & Parking Lot Reconstruction & Maintenance

Our innovative approach and experience with Cape Seal, Type 2 Slurry, Type 3 Slurry, AC Pavement Improvements, Crack Seal, Chip Seal, Weed Kill, PA-AS Rejuvenating Cape Seal is just a sampling of what we provide for our clients. All of these methods have improved the streets and reduced the cost of maintenance, while stretching our client's dollars.

In street reconstruction, two different approaches that we utilize to accommodate different site-specific conditions with consideration of impacts to the public are: removal of existing structural section and replacing it with a new structural section; and top down reconstruction, which consists of removing the existing pavement and base as required, and replacing an asphalt concrete-only structural section. The first option is the typically-used approach to repair streets that are so badly deteriorated that they cannot be repaired by other lower cost methods. The second option looks at removing existing pavement by cold planing to a depth that the street is reconstructed using "full depth" asphalt concrete only.

As these two alternatives point out, a number of things must be considered besides just the engineering aspects during design. The design must address the structural, drainage and driving characteristics (engineering aspects) as well as the logistical, public and political impacts of a project (civic aspects). As a result of our varied experience, we proficiently incorporate public outreach programs, notify businesses and residents of upcoming work, coordinate with utility companies, and interface with hospitals, fire stations and schools. We are efficient in structuring the construction specifications to address the en l over the contractor’s work for a wide range of client's needs.

Related Projects

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