Old Town West Improvements, City of Thousand Oaks

The Old Town West project was comprised of the design of street improvements for Los Robles Road between Live Oak Street and Fairview Road, and Fairview Road between Crescent Way and Royal Oaks.  Due to existing geometrics and to meeting the goal of a continuous ADA compliant walkway, it was decided to extend the design of street improvements down Royal Oaks Drive.  The neighborhood was very rural with minimal curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements and virtually no street lighting with substantial encroachment of property owner into the Public right-of-way.

The Project was designed in two Phases, Phase 1 being Preliminary Design and Phase 2 being final Design.  Phase 1 included topographic survey of the Project, identification of utility issues and conflicts, identification of existing R.O.W. conflicts and several alternatives for the City to select from as well as associated Opinions of Estimated Construction Costs.

Once an alternative was selected to meet the desired construction budget final design was performed that included but was not limited to curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveways and associated aprons, utility relocation (SCE), gas and water service relocation, road re-profiling, street light improvements, storm drain improvements and substantial rights-of-way entry.  Numerous offsite and driveway conforms were incorporated into the Project with great success.  The Project was completed in late 2012.

This Project impacted numerous single family residences and some apartments.  Coordination was extensive as well as community input on the Project.

Rancho Monte Alegre

We developed civil engineering plans for Rancho Monte Alegre, a 3,000 acre exclusive large lot residential project in the Santa Monica Creek watershed above the City of Carpinteria. The project to date includes 2 miles of private roadway completed, under construction, or in design.

Much of the roadway is colored concrete or A.C. pavement with stone curbing and includes underground utilities, storm drainage facilities and a public water system being dedicated to the Carpinteria Valley Water District. With the present phase of construction, the improved road rises over 700 feet with views along Santa Monica Creek including a 110 foot bridge across the creek itself.

The project will encompass 24 residential parcels varying in size up to 160 acres created from the original 39 parcels in the ranch. Planning and mapping is performed by L&P Consultants and construction staking has been provided by Cardenas and Associates Surveying, Inc., both Santa Barbara firms.

Casitas Plaza Shopping Center

We provided civil site improvement planning, analysis and plan preparation for site improvements proposed by the Owners for improvements to the Casitas Plaza Shopping Center in order to accommodate the enlargement of the Albertson’s store. We also assisted the project Architects in devising an appropriate plan for the required ADA access provision improvements. After preliminary planning and design was complete, we were contracted to provide construction plan preparation, permit acquisition and construction phase services for the project.  Having prepared the concept plans for the entitlement phase, we established the basic design parameters for the grade design, drainage features and for parking area upgrades

In addition, we were also contracted to implement the following Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) provisions under separate contract:  visual observation; assurance that the project remained in full compliance with the CGP; directed implementation of all aspects of the project SWPPP including reasonable elimination of unauthorized site discharges; non-stormwater sampling and analysis; prepared and maintained record of weekly inspection reports and an annual compliance evaluation during construction; Notice of Termination; and other required project coordination within the State Storm Water Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS) system.

City of Santa Barbara Zone 6

We provided design, construction, inspection and documentation services for this City of Santa Barbara Pavement Maintenance project. The Project primarily focused on Zone 6, the City’s primary arterial streets including Anacapa Street, Cabrillo Blvd, Carrillo Street, Chapala Street, Haley Street,  Milpas Street and upper State Street. Cabrillo Boulevard from State Street to Castillo Street received an asphalt overlay as part of the pavement preparation. A number of City lots and facility lots from four different City Departments were included in the Zone 6 Project.  Those lots included the Waterfront Department: Leadbetter Parking Lot,  Leadbetter Bike Path and Leadbetter Entrance Lot; Parking Department: including Lots 8, 12, Carrillo Commuter Lot and Cota Commuter Lot;  Facilities Department: Fire Station No. 4 and Pershing Park Lot; and the Wastewater Department: El Estero Waste Water Treatment Plant. The project work consisted of Pavement Preparation (spot leveling, grind and replace) and Slurry Seal (with the application of two separate treatment methods, Crack Seal and Type 2 Slurry Seal).  The Project also included adjustment to grades to a number of utilities at various locations throughout Zone 6.

Peabody Charter School

Flowers & Associates, Inc. has worked on several projects over the years for the Santa Barbara Unified School District.  This one in particular was a combination of work for the Kindergarten Area Paving Replacement and Drainage Improvements in conjunction with the Kindergarten Play Equipment Area Upgrades for Peabody Charter School.  For the Paving Replacement Project, F&A designed the grading, drainage and paving improvements, prepared construction documents, and provided construction contract administration support services. This work consisted of the replacement of deteriorated and poorly draining A.C. paved playground and walkways, expansion of pavement into what was a sand play area, and re-grading and re-planting of a grassed play area.

The Play Equipment Upgrades included providing construction documents and construction contract administration for establishing grades for the play area containment curbs and new equipment / protective surfacing support slabs, and addressing site access and drainage improvements.

McKinley Elementary School

Main Playground Asphalt Renovation

Flowers & Associates, Inc.  has worked on several projects over the years for the Santa Barbara Unified School District.  This project in particular assessed the existing A.C. pavement condition at the McKinley Elementary School site and identified and mapped failed areas to receive the differing types of repair in advance of applying slurry seal; F&A prepared construction documents for implementing the pavement preparation and slurry seal work and provided construction contract administration support services.

Services rendered consisted of renovation of the existing A.C. pavement in place, not removal and replacement.  This process involved: removing existing painted striping and marking; removing and replacing failed pavement at select locations; cleaning and filling cracks; cleaning pavement surface; applying emulsion aggregate slurry seal; re-painting striping and marking in kind.